Used Computers & Equipment

We stock a huge inventory of quality used computers and equipment. All used computers come with a 30 day hardware warranty. In these economically challenging times it is easy to save money by buying used computers and accessories at TKS Computer Solutions, LLC.
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TKS Computer Solutions Can Help You Save Money!

If you are looking to lower costs for your technology needs, come into our used equipment showroom and see what we have to offer. You can save hundreds of dollars by buying one of our used desktop or laptop computers. We also carry used CRT and flat screen monitors, printers, video, sound, and Ethernet cards, heat sinks, fans, internal power supplies, laptop power supplies, cables, and more.

used desktop computers

Used Desktop Computers Staring at Only $99.00!

All of our used desktop computers are sold with a 30 day hardware warranty, a newly installed operating system, and all software and drivers needed to run its internal components. Be sure to check out our used monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and speakers to complete your system.

used laptops

Used Laptop Computers at Bargain Prices!

Save big with our used laptop and notebook computers! These are great for students or anyone who wants to take their favorite programs with them. Laptop computers come with the same 30 day hardware warranty, an operating system and everything you need to start using the system right away.

used keyboard and mouse picture

Used Keyboards and Mice

We have several used keyboards and mice for sale.

  • USB Keyboard - $8.00 / USB Mouse - $7.00
  • PS2 Keyboard - $6.00 / PS2 Mouse - $5.00
used printers, laptop bags, and speakers picture

Printers, Speakers, Laptop Bags

We have used printers from $35.00 and most speakers are only $5.00. There is also a small selection of used laptop carrying cases. Supply is limited on these items, so hurry in!

Internal Hard Drives

used hard drives image

Used internal hard drives for desktop and laptop computers starting at only $20.00. Replace your bad hard drive or add another to your system. You can't go wrong at these prices!

sound and video cards picture

Sound, Video, Ethernet, and Modem Cards

We have used sound cards for just $5.99 and video cards starting at only $9.99. Ethernet and modem cards are $3.99 a piece.

power supplies image

Power Supplies

There is a nice selection of used computer power supplies in the used equipment showroom. If your PC's power supply has failed, come on down and see if we can find you a replacement from our stock. You can get one for just $15.00!

More Used Components

Other used items image

Yes, there is more! Looking for something for your system that is hard to find or just cost too much to buy elsewhere? Come into TKS and have a look around. We may have what you need.

Check out these items and prices:

  • CD/DVD Read/Write Drive - $30.00
  • CD ROM Drive - $10.00
  • Floppy Drive - $3.99
  • Heat Sinks with Fan - $19.00
  • Fans - $10.99
  • IDE Cable - $3.99
  • VGA or DVI Cable - $9.99
  • Power Cord - $5.00
  • Printer Cable - $5.00
  • USB to Serial Adaptor - $9.99
  • Laptop Charger/Cord - $25.00
  • Printer Power Adapter - $15.99
  • AC Adapter - $4.99
  • and other misc. items

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